Yaz, Yasmine, and Ocella – Contained Drospirenone

Bayer HealthCare’s oral contraceptives continue to make headlines as increasing number of lawsuits have been filed against them. In New Jersey, ten women from Texas and Tennessee allege that they suffered from deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism and other problems due to the prescription drugs Yaz, Yasmine and Ocella. The New Jersey judiciary is considering mass tort status, due to a number of factors, including the expected increase in these lawsuits, geographic locations of the parties involved, and increased efficiency of having one judge oversee the issues in the case. Currently, there are 39 lawsuits pending against the drug manufacturers in New Jersey counties.

The suit also alleges that the contraceptives “contained drospirenone”, which is not present in any other type of oral contraceptive and that “drospirenone is allegedly unlike other progestins in the United States but was not marketed in this country before it use in the three drugs”. Recently, studies released from the British Medical Journal showed that women were at a higher risk of venous blood clots if they were taking contraceptives that had drospirenone than other women who took other name brand forms of birth control. The FDA then took necessary steps and “issued a warning letter to Bayer for using low-quality batches of drospirenone” from one of their plants in Germany.

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