Wrongful Death Claim

A civil rights group has requested a federal judge to reopen a criminal case against Sharon Keller who is a Texas appeals court judge, who refused to keep her court open long enough for attorneys trying to prevent the death sentence on behalf of Michael Richard. The plaintiff’s attorneys contend that Judge Keller misguided the federal court that previously dismissed the lawsuit. On behalf of Michael Richard’s daughter, The Texas Civil Rights Project is pursuing the wrongful death lawsuit and is claiming indefinite damages. The director of the Civil Rights group claimed that Judge Keller managed to get the federal lawsuit dismissed in 2008 due to the fact that she pursued judicial immunity and also testified that she was acting in an administrative competence when she failed to keep the criminal court open past subtle hours in order for Mr. Richard to file the late appeal before his execution in 2007. Judge Keller’s conduct belittled the judicial immunity argument state lawyers made on her behalf through the federal lawsuit.

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