Winning The Jury Over While In Trial

When it comes to being an attorney, winning the battle of credibility is the most important factor in wining over your jurors in presenting your case. Most jurors already do not trust lawyers, so in this case, all the facts and witnesses would not make them think any differently than they already do. You have to create trust with the jurors early in trial or else your jurors will not trust your facts that you are presenting. Building a sense of credibility and trust with the jurors and forming this at the beginning of the trial is a mandatory part of winning your trial. There are number of ways to build confidence from your jurors during voir dire. You should always come across as friendly and personable and show them that you are here to listen to them. Demonstrate to them that you see every angle and aspect of their view points not matter if they agree with you or not. When you show your jurors, who do not agree with your point patience and understanding, the rest of the jurors will get an impression that you are reasonable. To win a trial and win over your juror’s, you must persuade the jurors that you case is important, makes sense to them, and fits their values. Once you have talked to them about their concerns and framed them, show them how your case is different from all the others they have dealt with. When you prove to the jurors that you do care and understand their concerns, they start to trust you. When you let you jurors know that you are in agreement with their concerns and that you would be in the wrong to pursue or support a case that deserved their worries, they will believe that you are acting in an honest and reasonable manner. The most important point you can make to your jurors is that you agree with them and their concerns and that your case would have no worth if you could not answer or ease these concerns. One other point is to get your jurors to think and talk about exceptions to their concerns. By doing this, you can make them see that your case may be different from all the others. When it comes to the jurors, you have to be comfortable with the fact that you cannot win a case without listening to your jurors, understanding

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