What are Thieves in East Dallas picking up these days?

If you live in East Dallas, make sure you keep an eye on your pickup truck, as thieves are after the tailgates of late model pickups. According to the police, thieves are shopping Old East Dallas neighborhoods at night, and owners of pickups are advised to either lock the tailgates, or park their vehicles in garages.

The thieves are mostly targeting Belmont, Ross, Gaston and Haskell Avenues, LaVista Drive, and Abrams Road.

Some of the reported cases for the tailgate theft include: one (1) of the night of September 4, three (3) on September 11 and five (5) last week.


These tailgates are normally sold to body shops or wrecking yards. These tailgates normally cost from $500 to $4,000 to replace, depending on whether they have built in back up cameras.

It is recommended to park the your pick up in garage, in a well lit area, or near a light with a motion sensor. Use your tailgate lock, or get one if you do not have one already. Once the tailgate is opened, it is fairly easy to cut the cables and carry it off, but if the tailgate is locked, more chances are that thieves will not break the lock, as it can damage the tailgate and make it hard to sell.

It is advised to call 911, if you see people driving around at night with a pile of tailgates in the bed of their pickup.

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