Proctor & Gamble Slipping Other Diapers In The Old Packages! – Pampers Dry-Max

There is a group on Facebook called, “Pampers bring back the OLD CRUISERS/SWADDLERS,” that claim they have issues with the new Pampers. Pampers brand diapers are now under investigation for causing diaper rashes because of the new extra absorbency. Parents claim that their babies are developing rashes with the new diapers and there are claims that the cause is new chemicals used for the extra absorbency, but Proctor & Gamble doesn’t agree. Bryan McCleary, a spokesman for P&G’s baby care division, said. “‘There’s no evidence that a single baby has experienced a serious skin safety issue as a result of Dry Max.” The complaints started in March when the new packaging came out, but Proctor and Gamble claim they had already been putting some of the new diapers in the old packages without telling anyone, and there were no complaints.

It seems that there are concerns for children and their parents almost everywhere. Last week Johnson & Johnson had to recall Children’s Tylenol and other children’s OTC drugs. It is getting hard to know what is safe and what isn’t. Sounds like the same untruthful speak of Toyota, Avandia, and Smart Meter’s.

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