New Contraceptives Causing Concerns

The two top selling oral contraceptives (Yaz and Yasmin) are said to serve as much more than just pregnancy prevention. They claim that it also combats acne as well as severe premenstrual depression. Bayer HealthCare utilizes multi – million dollar campaigns for Yaz (oral contraceptives) promoting that the drug is not only a pill, but a quality – of – life treatment for women. Last year, the franchise alone made profits of about 1.8 billion due to Bayer specifically targeting women under the age of 35. But a major problem still pending is that Yaz and Yasmin birth control puts women at a greater risk for blood clots, strokes, as well as other health problems at a faster rate than other contraceptives. The FDA approved Yasmin in 2001, which contains drospirenone as well as Yaz in 2006, which contains drospirenone and low doses of estrogen. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration have found problems with the Yaz franchise as well as significant problems with quality control procedures at certain plants that make the hormone ingredients that are put into the contraceptives, which did not meet American standards. Also, in October of last year, Bayer HealthCare put out two false misleading television commercials about the product that the FDA asked to be corrected. The FDA felt that the commercial was misleading about how they marketed the pill in saying that it helped with premenstrual syndrome (the drug was not approved for this) as well as minimized the risks associates with the pill. Bayer did agree to correct the advertisement with a new commercial counteracting misleading information. Many women have filed lawsuits against the product and Bayer stating that they acquired symptoms of blood clots, heart attacks, and other health issues. The issue remains that Bayer knew of the drug’s higher risk of certain symptoms compared to other birth control pills. In addition to previous lawsuits against the Bayer Company, two new lawsuits were filed alleging that the company did not fully reveal all of the risks in connection with taking the contraceptives and lied about the effectiveness of the product. The pension funds claimed that Bayer failed to reveal the risks and side effects, which defrauded investors and led to inaccurate estimates about how valuable the company and its contraceptives actually were.

– Source: Lawyers USA Online and New York Times

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