Lawsuit against Sun Microsystems for not paying Overtime

A lawsuit filed by 152 technical writers of Sun Microsystems (company that developed the leading programming language, Java, and managing numerous other database and programming tools including Oracle), finally got a preliminary approval for $5 million. According to the lawsuit, writers were not paid by Sun, for working overtime or during mean breaks.

The lawsuit challenged the computer company’s policy of classifying the writers who produce technical documents and information manuals as professionals exempt from State of California overtime laws.


The writers often worked around 60 hours a week during the launch of new products, and should have been paid time and half for every hour over 40. Employees who disagree with the settlement can present their objections to the court.

Working overtime during busy days of the year is pretty common in large companies. There are always deadlines to meet, and most of the times deadlines are passed by days or months. So, there is urgency from the management and managers, but most companies are extremely comfortable with overtimes. Some companies have a CUT-OFF number (above 40 hours) each week, and above which employees are clearly told not to work.

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