Lawsuit against Florida’s Ban on Computers and Smartphones

FLORIDA: – Amidst a scandal involving the possible connection of former Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carrol, with a charity fraud, Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed off on a sweeping legislation calling for the ban of slot machines and internet cafes. The law was passed in April to broaden the scope of combating illegal gambling in the state. The non-profit Allied Veterans of the World organization has been under scrutiny for funneling money into their pockets through gambling games in various internet cafes. Former Lt. Gov. Carrol was connected to this organization, and has resigned from her position.


The law has been challenged by a number of people including Incredible Investments, LLC, an internet café owned by Consuelo Zapata. The café has filed suit against the state for passing a law which is poorly worded to contain a ban on not only internet cafes, but all computers and smart phones. According to Zapata’s legal team, the law was hastily made as a result of the scandal with the Lt. Governor and violates the Constitution of the United States. It has also challenged the legitimacy of involving all internet cafes across the state, when it has not been proven all cafes practice, encourages, or are connected in any way with illegal gambling.


Only time will tell what will happen to the ban. While Governor Rick Scott claims it is “the right thing to do”, his approval may backfire in light of the current suit.

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