Fort Worth Takes Bullying Seriously

Equality Texas released a recent report that says 80 percent of voters wanted laws enacted to protect all kids from bullying.  Joe Burns, Fort Worth City Council member spoke out about the issue of bullying and claims he has heard many concerns from parents regarding the issue.

He recently took the issue to Austin and claims, “It is a problem we cannot afford to ignore another day.”  Since the problem has become a national issue, Burns stresses the point that it is now up to the adults, not the children, to make the necessary changes.  In doing so, he says more resources are needed for administrators in order for change to happen.

Fort Worth Downtown skyline

Burns claims there are many children struggling with bullying, which is evident from the 32,000 emails and 1,000 voicemails he has received from parents, children, prominent figures, and many others regarding bullying.  “The time to stop the needless loss of life and loss of hope and become champion for our children starts now,” Burns exclaims.  “No child needs to feel like they are without worth.” Former First Lady Bush is in agreement with the idea of a no – bullying policy as she already has issued a statement saying the time to act is now.

Source: Shelly Slater / WFAA


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