Filing Cabinet Full of Drugs Detected at Dallas City Store

Consumers can find many affordable items at the Dallas City Store such as furniture, electronics, appliances, and many other necessities “from the police property room and other city departments”. But a city employee was recently shocked to stagger upon a horrific site that has never been seen in the store before – 123 bags of illegal drugs. The drugs had accidentally been shipped from the Dallas Police Department, hidden in file cabinet.

Sergeant Warren Mitchell, the department spokesman, claims that they “are looking into what went wrong and try to fix the problem”. Property Room detectives immediately examined the filing cabinet and weighed each bag to make sure the bags matched what was listed on previous reports. Thankfully, all the bags were present and not tampered with. “The mistake apparently happened in January as employees in the police property room were cleaning out file cabinets used to store drugs from criminal cases”. This is not the first miss-hap reported from the Dallas police property room. An audit of the room in 2008 found the room to lack organization and security.

Source: Scott Goldstein; The Dallas Morning News

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