Family Awarded $19 Million – Nursing Home Neglected

A jury has awarded $19 million in damages to the family of a 76 year old patient who was neglected in a Brooklyn nursing home. The man was left with more than 20 bedsores. The lawsuit filed was among the first in the state of New York to include a collection of punitive damages. The family will receive $3.75 million for the pain and suffering the patient endured while he was in the nursing home as well as an additional $15 million in punitive damages. It is alleged that Mr. Danzy was restrained for long periods of time due to his Alzheimer’s disorder, but medical standards require that a patient be moved every two hours if they are restrained or bedridden in order to prevent such sores. But, Mr. Danzy was turned every four hours while at the nursing home. According to trial testimony, Mr. Danzy died in 2003 from an infection that was caused by the bedsores.


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