Dukes of Hazard’s Author Files Lawsuit

A federal lawsuit has been filed by “The Dukes of Hazard” author through his charitable trust, stating that the studio and the production company have been unfair and deceitful on royalties that stem from the TV show. As the sole trustee for Sequoia Charitable Trust, First National Bank refiled the claim through the Los Angeles District Court a few days ago. A previous lawsuit filed from the bank against the movie studio in July had been dismissed by a federal judge on the bounds of certain jurisdiction issues. In the more recent lawsuit filed, the bank noted that the Trust’s contract has been modified to ensure that no financial interest can be gained by Waldron’s family and the only purpose of this charity would remain – to benefit charity. Waldron created and produced episodes of the “Dukes of Hazzard” after pitching the idea to Warner Brothers in ’78. Years later, Waldron created the charity after he survived a heart attack. He assigned that the any future claims would go against Warner Brothers. A settlement that was agreed upon by Mr. Waldron and Warner Brothers, granted him $6.2 million and 6.5 percent of all earnings in the future created by the franchise.

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