Do You Own A Prius? Another Toyota Vehicle Having Problems!

Toyota’s massive recalls of its floor mats and gas pedals demonstrates their approach to repair unsafe vehicles with acceleration issues. Last year, Toyota first claimed the floor mats were the cause for the unexpected acceleration and issued a massive recall on floor mats. However, after several more deaths and more investigating, the floor mats were not the cause of the unexpected acceleration. Toyota issued another recall, this time, blaming the gas pedal for the unexplained acceleration.

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and a Prius owner, says his Prius takes off on him when he taps his cruise control – with his foot off the gas pedal and floor mats not an issue. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Wozniak said. “I think it’s more likely software in my case that causes it, and I can’t cause it every time and every trip, but I am sure it will happen again.” Prius owners should be concerned, considering Wozniak’s assumption that software is to blame and Toyotas first recall did not rectify the issue.

Toyota spokesman John Hanson said he didn’t want to “discount any complaint or problem” when asked about Wozniak’s case, but said “there a couple of things here that sound like normal operating procedures.” Hanson said there are a number of scenarios in which a driver can use the cruise control to instruct a Toyota to accelerate fairly quickly and that, in those situations, the brake acts as a default to shut off acceleration.

If you have been in an auto accident in your Toyota Prius or a Toyota vehicle on the recall list, and you feel the accident was caused by the uncontrolled acceleration defect in Toyota’s, please contact the Law Offices of M&A to discuss your situation with a Products Liability attorney.

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