Death of A Bicyclist Due To Drunk Driver

The death of Paul L’Ecuyer has been settled through a lawsuit against a drunk
driver and the bar that served her alcohol. Mr. L’Ecuyer’s family will receive an allotment of $1 million and an additional allotment of $25,000 from Berkey’s bar and the insurance agency of the drunk driver. Mr. L’Ecuyer was riding his bicycle late in the evening when Ms. Melissa Arrington swerved off the road with her car and struck Mr. L’Ecuyer. She proceeded to drive another 800 feet before stopping the vehicle. Through blood tests taken just three hours after the incident, it was proven that Ms. Arrington was drinking while driving. Her blood-alcohol content was 0.156% nearly double the DUI level. Ms. Arrington was convicted of negligent homicide aggravated DUI as well as a sentence of ten and a half years in prison. Mr. L’Ecuyer’s parents filed the lawsuit hoping this terrible tragedy would remind people that they need to ban drinking and driving as well as over-serving at bars for good. The parents intend to use the money received to fund a scholarship in honor of their son and educational purposes.

-Source: Arizona Daily Star


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