Crimes More Common Near Storefront Police Stations

A Dallas grocery store owner has lined his store with razor wire and bars that cover the doors in order to prevent against heavy crime.  Thieves have broken into his store on numerous occasions, destroying the air conditioner, in search for copper wire.  Kay Lee, the store owner, claims this is discouraging because a police substation is located right across the street and was set up specifically to target crimes as such. 

A total of seven police storefront stations are located in the Dallas area but business owners claim this is not enough and are making an effort to raise $750,000 to add another station.  An NBCDFW investigation of Dallas Police reports disclosed that the police stations have done little to protect against the neighborhood crime that many times, has happened right next to the stations.


In the two-block radius of the Bryan street location, there have been 31 assaults, seven robberies, 15 thefts, three burglaries, and one sex assault in the past two years.  Also, a man was stabbed in the parking lot behind the police station last March.  Alex Del Carmen, a Criminologist at the University of Texas at Arlington claims that in order for storefront stations to work, police need to maintain a constant effort and presence, and in Dallas, most police storefronts shut down at 5 p.m.

Although, authorities claim that the police storefront stations have helped cut out crime significantly.  Many agree upon the fact that it’s the partnerships between the storefront officers and the community that helps cut down on crime, rather than solely having a police station around the corner.  Del Carmen explains that police officers cannot solely resolve the issues; rather it is a community effort.

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