Costco Refuses to Sell Coca – Cola Products

Coca – Cola executives recently settled a dispute with Costco stores after the decision was made that the stores would not order any more products from the world’s largest soft drink distributor until a settlement was agreed upon regarding prices. But, what shocked many consumers is how public Costco made the ordeal. Costco posted the information in the stores and online, stating that they “wanted to pass along the value our members deserve” to all its customers. The squabble between the two leading corporations revealed that Costco wanted to keep their prices low to help their customers out during this recession while Coca – Cola did not want to cut their prices for leading stores. Disagreements like this happen on a regular basis between retailers and manufacturers but retailers usually do not make this known to consumers. Costco did not remove the products out of their stores but did not order any of their products for three weeks. The dispute was settled in a timely manner due to Costco being a major leader in whole – sale.

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