“Catch me if you can” – Texas Supreme Court Upholds Conviction of Killer

A capital murder conviction of a Texas man was upheld today by the State Supreme Court after he had told police he had killed his friend (Stacey Lewis) in order to feel what it was like to kill somebody.  The Court rejected Kevin Ray Pearcy’s appeal and has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the crime he committed in 2008. 

Pearcy was taken into custody in August of 2008 after authorities saw him walking through a neighborhood and learned that he had a warrant out for his arrest.  Without even being questioned, Pearcy told police that he had stabbed and killed his friend because he just wanted to know what it felt like to kill somebody and also to see if he could get away with it.  When being questioned by investigators, Pearcy claimed that Lewis (his friend) was homeless and had been staying with him for the time being. 

Supreme Court Upholds Conviction Of Killer

Pearcy also claimed he pondered time and time again if he could get away with murder.  Pearcy acted out in July of 2008 and made sexual advances toward Lewis, and when he refused, Pearcy stabbed him several times with a knife, removed Lewis’ clothes, and wrote on his left thigh, “Catch me if you can.” Pearcy then said he put Lewis’ body in the back room of his house for two days, but when the odor became too strong, he moved the body into the trashcan.  Police found the trashcan with Lewis’ body bound with an electrical cord and a belt.  He had several stab wounds on his body.

In Court, Pearcy argued that the state failed to prove he acted with premeditation and deliberation.  The Supreme Court did not agree with Pearcy’s statements and claimed that his desire to see if he could get away with murder, along with the physical evidence of the case, were both enough to convict him of premeditation and deliberation.  Pearcy also argued that he lacked the ability to form intentions before acting out due to a medical disorder.  The Supreme Court did not take this into consideration, claiming that it was not raised in a timely manner during trial.

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