BlackBerry To Join The Tablet Bandwagon

RIM is the latest manufacturer to jump on the tablet bandwagon. Don’t expect the BlackBerry tablet device to be a straight-up iPad rival, though. The yet-to-be-named BlackBerry tablet will have a 8.9-inch screen and will access the net either via Wi-Fi or by tethering it to your BlackBerry with Bluetooth. It’s possible that you could also use the Qwerty pad of your BlackBerry phone as a kind of mini wireless keyboard. This would be great for editing documents and emails on the go.

So far the Google Android Tablet and the iPad look very similar, so it remains to be seen how the Blackberry will differentiate itself in the product design. The nature of the tablet means that the aesthetics are pretty inflexible, which means that consumers will only really choose their tablet based on the usability factor.


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