Austin Police made 73 DWI arrests during July 4 Weekend

Beginning last Friday throughout the 4th of July weekend, police officials in Texas were cracking down on drunk drivers.  This past weekend was labeled a “no refusal” weekend, which meant that any person who looked even suspicious of drunk driving would be pulled over by police officials and made to take the mandatory Breathalyzer test.  In the case that the individual refused the test, a judge was on call to warrant a blood test.

Police officials claim that having a judge on call on a “no refusal” weekend is a very useful tool, especially since more than 50 percent of people arrested on suspicion of DWI refuse the Breathalyzer test.  Police officials also claim that “no refusal” weekends work well due to the fact that there were no intoxicated-driving-related fatalities during the weekend.

Austin police officers arrested 73 people during the 4th of July weekend on charges of suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  The arrests made over this past weekend are almost triple the number of arrests made last year over the holiday weekend.  Last year, the “no refusal” policy was implemented for only one day in Austin, although this year the policy was in effect for the full weekend as part of a statewide procedure.  Out of the 73 individuals taken into custody, only 25 were arrested with DWI charges.  The holiday weekend procedure did show that alcohol related deaths are preventable.

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