Assessment on The Dangers of Denying Health Care Coverage To Legal Immigrants

Recently, the Senate Finance Committee has completed their version of the health care reform bill. With this bill in act, it is likely we will see additional attempts from the government to save money and cut spending on health care to legal immigrants. Along with this cut in expenditure, many political statements will raise questions about cutting benefits to legal immigrants altogether. This bill also poses the dangers of denying health care coverage to legal immigrants and what it could do to the United States as a whole. The 1996 Welfare Reform Law left many legal immigrants ineligible to obtain federal programs for the first 5 years of becoming legal in the United States as well as the first 5 years of living in the States. As of right now, the dispute that goes along with immigration and health care reform issues has taken its place on the “back burner” in the current economic crises. With so many people in great need of health care, Congress cannot afford to ignore these facts any longer.

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