Assessment of H.B. 2086 – Gang Related Bills

H.B.2086 is a compilation of Bills (all relating to gang activity) that made numerous changes in the criminal and civil codes to make it easier to prosecute gang- related crimes. The Bill includes, but is not limited to: (i) a new first- degree felony crime to direct behavior of a criminal street gang, (ii) a new classification of “gang – free zone,” which enhances a crime to the next penalty category if it is shown that the crime was committed in a “gang – free zone;” and a new affirmative “gang – related” finding to go on criminal judgments and to allow a judge to stack sentences on cases that contain this affirmative gang – related finding. This Bill also establishes a program through the Criminal Justice Division that gives grants to those individuals who do not further participate in gang – related activity. This program will support many approaches to combat gang violence through the process of prevention, intervention, and suppression activities.

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