Wrongfully Charged – After Serving 16 Years In Prison

Since 1993, Greg Taylor, now 47, had been locked away in North Carolina’s prison system for the murder of a prostitute. Last month, he was exonerated and freed after 16 years. Taylor is the first man to be exonerated by a state innocence commission, which makes his case stand out from those of the more than 500 people across the country who have been exonerated by the work of private attorneys, such as the Donald Good Case. Mr. Good had been fighting for justice since 1983, and on March 23, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals denied an Irving Detective’s request for Qualified Immunity for violating Mr. Goods rights. (Click here to read the full story of Mr. Good.)

North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission, was created in 2006 after a succession of wrongful convictions were revealed. In Taylor’s case, the commission considered new tests that revealed that a stain found in Taylor’s truck was not blood, as the prosecutor had argued. The commission also reviewed testimony from the jailhouse informant who implicated Taylor at the trial. By the time the commission decided to free Taylor on February 17, he had already spent a total of 16 years behind bars.

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