Work related case got settlement

A pending lawsuit in Etowah County, Alabama was recently settled. The case was regarding a motor vehicle accident in which Terry Franklin was involved. The accident occurred while Mr. Franklin was driving a commercial vehicle after picking up a load of chickens. On his way back to the plant, an intoxicated driver struck Mr. Franklin while making a left turn in front of his vehicle.

Mr. Franklin’s employer had not provided insurance for the vehicle that he was driving so a suit was filed against the company Koch’s poultry as well as a suit against a local bar where the drunk driver had previously been drinking. Along with this, Mr. Franklin sued his employer for workers compensation benefits. Mr. Franklin, endured injury in his shoulder and neck as well as a concussion and extreme glaucoma to his right eye. As a result of this, he had to have an interior cervical fusion surgery and received continuous pain management for his neck pain. Mr. Franklin was also unable to return to work in the only two fields that he has worked in: being a truck driver or being a diesel mechanic.

On top of the monetary compensation received, the settlement kept medicals open and contained a waiver of the worker’ compensation claim.


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