Widow Files Lawsuit in Fatal Helicopter Crash

Mr. Altman’s widow has recently filed a wrongful death suit against a helicopter tour company. Steven Altman was flying with his brother and nephew to New Jersey when the plane collided with a helicopter that was also flying. The crash that took place over the Hudson River killed nine people. The lawsuit made, alleges that the helicopter company ran reckless operations and the insurance company for the helicopter tour business had previously taken Ms. Altman to court in order to press charges against her and make her pay for the cost of their lost helicopter. It is not decided yet whether or not the Federal Aviation Administration may be partially to blame for the incident due to the comptroller giving directions to Mr. Altman while flying. The wrongful death lawsuit seeks $1.35 million from the Helicopter Company and the insurance company. The lawsuit alleges that the current accident as well as many others could have been prevented if the helicopter tour company as a whole were not lax in their management and operational attitude. The company now has created a “horrid history of accidents” as well as a very bad name for their company. All who were involved in the crash were killed.

-Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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