Who Is To Blame For Fatal Plane Crash?

Questions rise about a fatal 2007 plane crash that could have been avoided if federal inspectors had noticed that the airline company had allowed federal safety checks to be operated by a convicted drug runner. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the two pilots who were flying the plane were at fault due to complications that arose right after their take – off (from Milwaukee) that made their jet unusually complicated to control. The NTSB claims that the complications should not have had an effect on their ability to safely land the jet. Investigators made firm allegations that the Marlin Air Charter Firm had falsified training records as well as ignored many safety requirements. It was also proven that the two pilots flying the plane were not familiar with the plane at all. Surprisingly, many of these problems were overlooked by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Investigators also found that the captain flying the jet had previously been found guilty for smuggling drugs and falsifying training records. But this did not stop the FAA from allowing the captain from performing pilot inspections and supervising safety efforts of the company. A witness says that the company had violated several federal rules and was going through difficult times due to financial problems. Despite this issue, FAA did not find problems with the company prior to, or after the incident. Both pilots flying the plane died as well as four other individuals from the University of Michigan.

-Source: USA Today


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