Use of a Taser Gun on a 10 Year Old Girl

A police official from the Ozark Police Department has been suspended from work after he committed the act of using a Taser gun on a disorderly 10-year-old girl. While he is suspended he will receive pay, but he could face criminal charges because of the act. The officer – Mr. Dustin Bradshaw reported to the girl’s home after a call came in for domestic disturbance behavior. Officer Bradshaw claims that the girl reacted in a violent way, kicking and hitting the officers while they tried to restrain her. The officer claims that the police force did not see a peaceful resolution to the matter so they arrested her. Even being under arrest, she still resisted the officers, who could not get her under control. With the permission of her mother, Officer Bradshaw used the Taser gun on the girl who then had to be carried to the police car. Shortly thereafter, the police department announced Bradshaw’s suspension for one week. The incident is now calling for an independent investigation of what actually happened and if the fact that the girl needed to be tasered should have even been an issue in this case. The mayor of Ozark Arkansas believes that the proper policy was followed by the police but hates to see that this force was used on a 10-year-old child. Due to this incident, an outside agency must investigate to be fair to both parties involved. Mayor Vernon McDaniel requested that the FBI or Arkansas State Police handle the investigation but both agencies declined. More shockingly, a criminal complaint may have to be filled before any investigation can be done. What the officer may have neglected to see is that a Taser gun has an increased risk of death and/or injury when used on children. Even the manufacture of the guns recommends that they not be used on children. Fortunately, the girl was not injured and has been taken to a Youth Facility/Shelter.

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