U.S. Settles Indian Lawsuit

An announcement has been made by Obama’s administration stating that $3.4 billion will be given to Native Americans to settle a lawsuit that was filed and alleged that the government had deceived Native tribes for more than a century in claims for oil, mineral, and other necessities. The settlement ends a 13-year battle between the government and Native Americans. This settlement that the Native Americans will receive is the largest sum of money they have every received from the government. The disagreement arose in the 19th century and lingered still to this day, over a decision that had been made to grant land to individual Native American Indians and place the specific property in trust accounts. Plaintiffs alleged that the account holders have been taken advantage of according to their share of revenues that the government collects for leasing out the land. The settlement has yet to be approved by Congress. Plaintiffs contend that the government owes them up to $47 billion but has contended to settle on $3.4 billion. President Obama supported the issue at hand and is prompting Congress to finalize the suit and correct the injustice that has been done for centuries. The settlement will grant $1,000 to every Native American who has dealings with the trust account as well as $2 billion for the government to purchase back the land parcels and return the land to the tribes. Also, the grant will ensure $60 million dollars for Native American scholarships. Many hope that this settlement will create a more trusting relationship among the American government and the Native American tribes.

Source: The Los Angeles Times


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