Toyota & Lexus Vehicles Involved in Sudden Acceleration Deaths

A recent investigation by Los Angeles Times has revealed that over 1,000 consumers who own either a Toyota or Lexus manufactured vehicle have noticed that the vehicle itself had suddenly accelerated on its own, based on studies since 2001. Many of these cases resulted in the vehicle slamming into a tree, parked cars, brick walls, and many other obstacles. The fatal crashes resulted in the death of 19 victims and many injuries in the past 10 years. “Federal regulators say that this is far more than any other automaker has experienced.” Through many complaints against the two automakers, investigations were mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in which reports proved that Toyota Motor Corp. had recalled less than 85,000 vehicles in response to the incident at hand. “NHTSA closed six other cases without finding a defect. But according to the Times those investigations systematically excluded or dismissed the majority of complaints by owners that their Toyota and Lexus vehicles had suddenly accelerated.” During this time, the fatal crashes involving Toyota manufactured vehicles continued to enhance.

NHTSA furthered their investigation and found that Toyota vehicles were a factor in the death of 15 individuals, when their vehicle suddenly accelerated. This showed a downfall in Toyota made vehicles due to the fact that all the incidents were compared to a rate of 11 deaths in vehicles manufactured by other auto distributors. “The Times located federal and other records of 19 fatalities involving Toyota and Lexus vehicles from the same model years in which sudden or unintended acceleration may have been a factor as well as more than 1,000 reports by owners that their vehicles had suddenly accelerated.” Sean Kane, President of Safety Research and Strategies, claimed that through his independent study of the vehicles, he found that 2,000 sudden-acceleration cases in Toyota vehicles has been built since 2001. The NHTSA conducted a survey that involved 600 Lexus vehicle owners and found that 10% of those individuals had experienced sudden acceleration. As of recent, Toyota has recalled all of the accelerator pedals in the faulty cars.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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