The United States v. State of Arizona

United States Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit today against the state of Arizona in Federal Court. The lawsuit came after the passage of SB 1070 in the Arizona State Legislature. In the lawsuit Department of Justice will argue that enforcing the immigration law is a Federal responsibility. The Department has requested a preliminary injunction to delay the enactment of SB 1070, arguing that the new law will cause “irreparable harm.”

Immigration experts are seeing this as an important step by the Federal Government to reassert its authority over immigration policy in the country. Although this action will not address the growing concerns of public about the immigration system, but it will demand a definition and protection of Federal Government’s constitutional authority of managing immigration.

We have seen mixed reaction on SB 1070 since its signing. Politicians in other states, including: Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Michigan, are appreciating the bill, and demanding something like this in their states as well. So, it is time to address the issue of immigration very seriously at the federal level, otherwise more states will follow the steps of Arizona, and will create problems for the federal government. This lawsuit or similar to this in future will not solve the problem. It is the duty of Obama administration and congress to address the issue of Immigration very seriously, otherwise more states will take steps like this in future.

Click here to see the actual Lawsuit against Arizona.

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