Texas Sex offender killed homeless man to fake own death

We all know Texas is tough on crime, so what happened when it came to Michael A. Gilbert.  According to an article by Norton, a reporter for WFAA-TV, police say that “the latest chapter in the life of career criminal Michael A. Gilbert” begins with yet another attempt “to fake his own death by murdering a homeless man, throwing his body into the trunk of his car and then setting the vehicle on fire.”

When will enough, really be enough for Gilbert?  Gilbert has been in and out of prison for the past twenty-one (21) years. He has been convicted of raping a minor girl, for which he has been back to prison four times on parole violations and is now facing accusations for the rape of another minor female—his own sister.


According to reports, this is not the first time Gilbert has attempted “to fake his [own] death,” he has already served a ten (10) month prison sentence for a prior attempt in 2002.  Has the thought of charging Gilbert with murder ever been discussed?  It makes you wonder: if the first attempt is anything similar to this most recent incident, will Texas seek murder charges?

Gilbert has been arrested, but not without a fight and not without another attempt to escape his next trip to prison.  “After a seven-hour standoff, SWAT officers . . . found him hiding in the attic,” of a building at West Chase Apartments with a self-inflicted laceration to the neck.  Gilbert has yet to be transported to jail, he remains in the hospital for recovery.


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