Teen Charged with Murder in Death of Grandparent

A Conroe teenager was arrested and charged with the murder of his grandmother after she was found dead.  Police responded to a coworker’s call who claimed she had gone into Martha Starkey’s home and found her unresponsive.  Her body was found by police and investigators when they searched her home (located in a gated retirement community).


Investigators found she had suffered blunt force trauma and after gathering evidence from the crime scene found out that Starkey’s grandson, Brock Andrew Starkey, was the last person seen with the elder lady.  Investigators filed a missing persons broadcast for Brock Starkey, as well as a description of his vehicle after family members claimed they had not seen the boy in a couple days.  Starkey was soon found after a state trooper pulled him over for a traffic violation, just east of El Paso.

The state trooper recognized the vehicle from the missing persons broadcast and detained him for further questioning.   Soon thereafter, Conroe police obtained a warrant for his arrest, charging him with the murder of his grandmother.  The investigation is still ongoing at this point.

Source: khou.com staff

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