Suspected Murder of Katy, TX Teenager Appears Before the Court

Alexander Samuel Olivieri, 18, a Texas army national guardsman, is accused of shooting and killing Bridgett Frisbie, a 17-year-old high school student.  He first appeared before the court on Monday, April 11th for allegations that claim he is the sole suspect of luring Frisbie into the woods and shooting her in the back of the head.

Police detained Olivieri after two teenagers were riding four wheelers in the Harris County woods and discovered Frisbie’s body, according to police records.  The shooting stemmed from Olivieri’s anger towards Frisbie who claimed she had witnessed him taking part in a drive-by shooting.  Soon after the accusations, Olivieri lured Frisbie into the woods claiming he had something to show her, leading to her death.


Fingerprints identified Frisbie and the cause of death was the actual gunshot wound.  Frisbie was a junior at Raines High School.  The faculty and staff at the school are deeply saddened to hear of her death.  After the court date, Frisbie’s father claims he is happy to see that justice is being served.  Frisbie’s father also added, the Olivieri is finally experiencing reality. /

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