Suicide Attempt Kills Many In Train Transit

Metrolink Company was sued for the death of many victims in a fatal train crash in California just four years ago. The company has agreed to pay a $30 million dollar settlement to the victims who have suffered from the incident. The deaths occurred when the Metrolink train collided with a gasoline – soaked Jeep Cherokee that had been abandoned on the train tracks. The train also slammed into two other trains, which caused the train to jack – knife. This incident killed eleven individuals and left 180 injured. Investigators find that the Jeep Cherokee left in the middle of the train tracks belonged to Mr. Juan Manuel Alvarez. Mr. Alvarez drove his vehicle into the middle of the train tracks in order to commit suicide due to family problems. But, at the last minute when the train was about to hit the vehicle, he changed his mind and was unable to move his car. Mr. Alvarez was tried and convicted of 11 counts of murder under special circumstances. In August of 2008, Mr. Alvarez was sentenced to eleven consecutive life terms in prison.

-Source: Associated Press


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