Safety Rule Violation in Well – Known Airline Carrier

The Federal Aviation Administration may fine United Airlines and US Airways for millions of dollars due to safety regulations being violated. One of the violations include, the use of a plane that had shop towels stuffed into the engine by mechanics. The proposed fine against US Airways is $5.4 million due to the operation of eight planes (totaling 1,647 flights) that were in violation of safety regulations. A fine of $3.8 million may be filed against United of Chicago due to the operation of one of its planes that had hand towels covering the openings near the bottom of the engine where the oil gathers, rather than using the required protective caps according to procedures. The two companies were fined so immensely to reflect the large number of flights that were carrying passenger but yet, were in violation of FAA safety requirements. Hopefully, the airlines has seen how many lives could have been affected by their lack of following safety regulations and are getting these issue solved in a timely manner.

-Source: Associates Press


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