Runaway Ohio Mom – Returns To Ohio

An Ohio mother admitted to being “selfish” when she slipped away from her husband and 1-year-old daughter to run off with another man, sparking a nationwide manhunt. The vanishing act triggered a cross-country search until police, acting on a tip from the FBI, found Tehan and a man identified as Tre Hutcherson staying at motel in Miami Beach, Florida. Tehan said. “The plan was to get in the car and head down to Florida and start a new life. We had plans to maybe start a business… But I truly thought, ‘No one’s going to miss me that much. Let’s get in the car and go.” According to legal experts, it doesn’t appear Tehan did anything illegal. No charges have been filed against Tehan or Hutcherson. Miami police said it appears no laws were broken. Authorities in Ohio apparently agree.

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