Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Issues Recall for All Accusure® Insulin Syringes

Alabama-based company has recalled 250 million Acusure insulin syringes after complaints were derived from Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical company claims the needle was detaching from the syringe. So far, no reports of injury or death have been reported, however, if the needle becomes detached during use, it can become stuck in the insulin vial, push back into the syringe, or remain in the skin after an injection. All Acusure insulin syringes will be recalled that were distributed between January 2002 and October 2009 to all consumers including wholesale and retail pharmacies. The syringes will be sent back to the Alabama-based company from many different manufacturers. Consumers who have these products should stop using them and contact the company. The distributed syringes are of the following descriptions and NDC numbers:

28G 1/2cc, NDC 0603-6995-21
28G 1cc, NDC 0603-6996-21
29G 1/2cc NDC 0603-6997-21
29G 1cc, NDC 0603-6998-21
30G 1/2cc, NDC 0603-999-21
30G 1cc, NDC 0603-7000-21
31G 1/2cc, NDC 0603-7001-21
31G 1cc, NDC 0603-7002-21

If serious injuries were caused by the syringe needle detaching in the skin, product liability attorneys suggest, that the defective syringe be preserved until after it has been determined whether a lawsuit can be pursued. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from using Accusure® Insulin Syringes, call M&A Law Firm toll free at 1-866-789-1664 to discuss your case with a knowledgeable product liability attorney.

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