PremPro Menopause Drug – Cause of Cancer

In Philadelphia, jurors have found that the cause of a woman’s insidious breast cancer was from Wyeth’s hormone replacement therapy drug- Prempro. She has received $3.7 million in compensatory reparation. In 1997, the woman began taking Prempro to treat her menopause symptoms, which led to cancer in 2002. The jury found that Wyeth’s company had deliberately concealed proof that linked the drug to cancer. The jury concluded in a punitive- damages verdict against Wyeth and his company. Facts show that Wyeth had an understanding in 1970 that the drug had a potential to cause cancer- related risks but did not look further into the necessary studies. Once tests were ran, results proved that the drug was harmful and Wyeth did not take the necessary steps to prevent the distribution of the drug and continually down – played the effects of the drug. Sales have plummeted after a federal health study was conducted in 2002 by Women’s Health Initiative, which was forced to stop research. Researchers found in the study that breast cancer was found in women who used Prempro. It is more than significant to find that when women halted the use of Prempro and prescription sales plummeted, the rates of breast cancer decreased as well. It is a proven tragedy that 200,000 women could have prevented breast cancer if they had not taken Prempro. Sadly enough, these drugs are still available to the public and being dispersed and as for Wyeth, he now deals with more than 9,000 lawsuits due to the selling and manufacturing of the menopause drug. The U.S. Supreme court ruled in the Barton case that patients have the right to sue drug makers if they encounter injuries from a government – approved drug. The court also rules that even if FDA has approved a drug, it does not mean in any way that it bars a lawsuit under state law. Wyeth intentionally concealed the safety risks of the menopause drug and as a result all individuals see the importance of the Supreme Court ruling.

-Source: Lawyers USA Online and New York Times

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