Possibility of Harsher Charges for those Found with Drugs in System

According to KVUE News, Austin the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report that found that one in five drivers that were killed in automobile accidents last year tested positive for drugs.   The report did not indicate whether or not the drugs actually caused the accidents or if they even played a roll in impairing the driver at all.

Accident with two cars

The major safety concern has prompted Texas, as well as many other states, to attempt to build a case for blood draws, since they disclose the actual amount of drugs in a person’s system.  Jason Dusterhoft, commander of the Austin Police Department claims that the new system would “actually break it down to what kind of drugs a person was using and what level that person had in their system”.  Information drawn from an individual’s blood could possibly lead to tougher charges and maybe even eventually tougher laws.

Source: Andrew Horansky / KVUE News

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