Olive Garden may face Legal Charges for Serving Toddler Alcohol

Ooops! Gave the kiddies Sangria and not OJ—half an hour later.  Imagine that: you are out to dinner with your family, you order an OJ for your child and there face lights up with excitement when they see that sipping cup with the cool straw.  Well, just wait until they start sipping, that ‘s not OJ making them act out that’s Sangria . . . yeah the manager just comes over and tells you they made a “mistake.”

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This was the exact scenario at an Olive Garden restaurant in Lakeland, Florida off of U.S. Highway 98.  Jill VanHeest, the mother of a two-year old, did not suspect anything wrong when he started acting up.  The manager came over to her table half-hour after serving the child Sangria and admitted there had been a mix-up at the bar.  At that point, VanHeest says she couldn’t discipline her sone because he wasn’t acting out, he was drunk!

The child was rushed to the hospital, but no major concerns health wise.  VanHeest has hired an attorney, but has not made a decision as to whether she will pursue any legal action.


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