Oklahoma Turnpike Accident Comes To A Close With A $63M Settlement

The horrific 2009 Oklahoma turnpike accident, which killed 10 people came to a settlement agreement on October 8th.  Just one day before the jury selection process began in civil court over those who were killed the accident caused by a fatigued truck diver, eight of the parties settled with defendants for $62.7 million

The accident occurred when traffic had stopped due to an accident that already occurred between two other vehicles.  Mr. Donald Creed did not see the cars that had been in the accident and ran into the back end of the last three cars, killing 10 individuals. 

The NTSB has announced that driver fatigue was the cause of the horrifying accident.  Estimates provided by the NTSB prove that there are 56,000 sleep related road crashed annually in the U.S. alone, which result in 40,000 injuries and 1,550 fatalities.  Mr. Donald Creed was found guilty on 10 counts of negligent homicide as well as sentenced to a 30-day jail time. 

Black heavy truck

Even though the relatives of the victims will receive a large compensation for the damage done, the fact that the family did not have to go to trial for the ordeal may be just as important. 


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