Oklahoma Man, Carey L. Breshers, Captured By Police On Charges Of Theft, Murder, And Rape

Oklahoma City native, Carey L. Breshers was arrested last Sunday afternoon when caught in Topeka Kansas.  He is suspected of theft, rape, and kidnapping in different cities.  Authorities arrested Breshers after a gas station robbery, where he fled the crime scene in a taxicab. 

The cab driver notified authorities when he recognized who Breshers was and realized he was wanted.  Breshers was arrested soon thereafter, when he led police officials on a foot chase.  In Oklahoma, Breshers is charged with assault with a dangerous weaponrobbery with a firearm, kidnapping, and rape. 


Prosecutors are expected to seek damages for kidnapping, first degree rape, as well as rape by instrumentation.  In O’Fallon County, authorities confirm his arrest on charges of kidnap.  Breshers is now located in the Shawnee County jail where he is now charged with aggravated armed robbery and is being held without bail. 

Breshers has a long history starting from 1976, where he was convicted of a second-degree murder, which was later reduced to manslaughter on appeal.  For this crime, he spent five years in prison.  In 1980 he was convicted of robbery and escape.  Bresher has already spent many decades in prison and may have to face charges that will send him back.

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