Off – Road Vehicles… Fun But Deadly?

Many concerns have risen about off- road recreational vehicles (ROV’s). The Consumer Product Safety Commission has agreed to instill mandatory rules that would regulate the vehicles for better safety altogether. The federal government has turned its attention to this matter due to the high number of deaths (100 deaths) since the year of 2003. Along with the fatal accidents, many riders have also suffered extreme injuries as well as some amputations. ROV vehicles are a mechanical type of vehicle that seats two, and is for drivers who are ages 16 and up. The Commission states that the process of regulating the vehicles could take many years to complete. Recently, Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has recalled more than 100,000 ROV’s due to two of its models being the sole factor in killing 46 individuals in the past six years. Unfortunately, Yamaha representatives and executives were aware of this issue even before the ROV was put on the market for sale. Yamaha’s “Rhino” ROV was being tested by their executives when the off – highway vehicle rolled over. Yamaha executives knew the ROV was not safe due to this “roll over” incident happening just 15 months prior to the release date of the vehicle. A heavy estimate of 140,000 ROV’s were sold last year in the United States alone.

Source: CBS News

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