NTTA Considering Another Raise to Already Expensive Toll Rates

A decision is pending on whether or not the toll rates will increase on some North Texas Tollway roads. The idea stemmed from the prospects of a lower interest cost for NTTA. In adding the increase to individuals who use the Tollway, NTTA will be able to finish other State Highways like State Highway 161 and Southwest Parkway in Tarrant County. NTTA stated that they had requested the state to agree to cover payments on the two highways debts if revenue gained from consumers using the road was below minimum expectations. This settlement would give the NTTA a decreased interest rate as well as save up to $410 million in fiscal fees. But if NTTA would agree with the idea of raising rates on rush hour traffic for all consumers, then the state becoming involved and having to make payments would not prevail. Many consumers do not think this higher rate on highways is a good idea, especially in time of recession. But NTTA executives say that this increase in rates would only be fair in regards to a deal that already includes increasing rates during rush hour traffic should it get too heavy.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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