Newest Immigration Developments

The current immigration scene is quite exiting at the moment.  On one side you have the “Gang of Eight” (senators and their staffs) and on the other hand you have President Obama.  Each side with their very distinctive ideas, which have created a conversation that, is rapidly changing and growing as the weeks go by.

The “Gang of Eight” a bipartisan group of four Democrats and Four Republicans in the U.S. Senate announced January 28th, 2013 their new legislation on immigration.  Though the little details are still being worked out, the Senators spoke during their conference of the proposed legislation, which includes a roadway to residency and then citizenship for those who have lived most of their lives in the United Sates.  The Senators further explained their work plan, to meet every Tuesday and Thursday until finishing a comprehensive work of legislation.  Their overall goal is to present this legislation during the spring term.

President Obama announced his willingness to work towards a common-sense immigration reform act.  He stated,” The question now is simple: do we have the resolve as a people, as a country, as a government to finally put this issue behind us?”  Which is why he went to Nevada and recently the White House website has new and updated online resource center available to help people stay on top of this critical debate.  You can find this new website at  As the future of this debate continues the White House has stated that this website will hopefully include all the basic resources on the issue and on the President’s proposal.

Visit the new site!  It highlights the four principles at the heart of the President’s proposal:

  1. Continuing to strengthen border security,
  2. Cracking down on employers that hire undocumented workers,
  3. Creating a pathway to earned citizenship and
  4. Streamlining our legal immigration system.



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