New Survey Finds Increased Demand for Stricter Teen Drivers Regulations

A recent study conducted by Allstate Insurance has found that a vast majority of Americans are in agreement with a new national law that would establish minimum requirements for teenage drivers in an attempt to make national streets safer.  The survey included 1,000 adults who responded critically in the study when questioned about teenage driving.  The study showed that 81% of the adults rated teenage drivers as “average” or “poor” in their driving skills.

Results as such do have a large effect in rules and regulations that are put in place across America.  These results could be looked at and considered largely, especially at this time when Congress is in the process of considering the Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection (STANDUP) proposition.  The STANDUP proposition is part of the Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety Improvement Act of 2011, which was created because of the tragic death of an Arkansas teen who was killed by another driver who was texting and driving.

The STANDUP proposition would ensure safety standards that would restrict teen nighttime driving, limit the number of passengers in one car, prohibit cell phone use when driving, and permit a license issuance along with a special age requirement in a gradual process.  Among the adults who were involved in the survey, most of them supported standards that would be present in the STANDUP proposition. Stricter regulations concerning America’s highways and roads would benefit America as a whole and would create safer highways and roads for every individual.


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