Mother Facing court today on charges of leaving her 3 children locked in the Motel bathroom for Months

Abneris Santiago, 31, the mother of three children who were locked in a motel bathroom for months is facing the court today. Her trial is coming one day after her boyfriend was sentenced for 99 years. She is charged with the denying food and medical care to one of the three children, a girl who was 11 when she was freed last summer. She also has some pending charges for harming the other two children, boys who were 10 and 5.

The boyfriend, Alfred Santiago, was convicted Tuesday of neglecting the girl and of repeatedly raping her. The girl, who is 12 now, testified that Alfred Santiago has sexually assaulted her many times. When she told her mother about the sexual assaults, she beat her.

According to testimony in his trial, the three children were kept locked in a smelly and filthy Dallas Love Field Motel Bathroom. The kids were beaten, psychologically terrorized, and given just enough food to keep them alive. The kids were freed by police after a report filed by a visiting uncle of the kids.

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