McWane Inc. Involved In Major Pollution Case

McWane Inc., who operates pipe and water-fitting factories, has agreed to plead guilty to nine felony violations of the Clean Water Act stemming from effusions at the McWane Cast Iron Pipe plant into Avondale Creek.” The criminal case was held in federal court, which resulted in a verdict of McWane Inc. disbursing $4 million in fines as well as the construction of a new park. The case originated from a 2005 trial in which the company was found guilty of 20 felonies and fined $8 million by the U.S. District Court in Birmingham. Although, the conviction against the company was overturned and no future trial scheduled due to a proposed settlement. McWane Inc. is one of the four largest North American makers of ductile-iron pipe used to carry water into homes and business.

Source: Birmingham News; The Jere Beasley Report

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