McDonald’s is Ordered to Pay $5.6 Millions in Hawaii Slip-And-Fall Case

Ms. Beverly Munguia, a woman who slipped in a McDonald’s restaurant has been awarded $5.6 million, which has become one of the biggest slip-and-fall awards in Hawaii’s history.  In November of 2009, Beverly and her family went to McDonalds for breakfast when she got up to refill her drink and slipped on something that was on the floor and ended up breaking her back. 

Beverly claims that she is in constant pain from the fall and is having to deal with the loss of her mobility, independence, and loss of being able to do the things that she has done as a very active and busy person. Munguia’s attorney, Mr. Michael Cruise stated that “the jury agreed unanimously that McDonalds did not do a good enough job in keeping its floors clean and did not follow internal rules that are recommended by McDonalds Corporation that would protect its customers from falls and the restaurant from negligence verdict.” 

caution wet floor sign

The owner of the Hawaiian McDonalds, Mr. Grelyn Rosario did express sympathy for Ms. Munguia’s condition but also issued a statement relaying how disappointed he was in the verdict and believed it was issued in excess and that it did not represent the facts presented in the case.  Munguia is content with the outcome of the case and states that she hopes the verdict will send a message to other businesses that they do have a responsibility in protecting their customers.  

Slip and fall, trip and slip,and trip and fall accidents are considered fall down accidents,” and any injury arising from such an accident is considered a personal injury. A more accurate term to describe all of the accidents that result from falls on premises would be a premises liability claim. Slip and fall injuries can result from such problems as: water, rain, ice, snow, grease or other slippery substance on the walking surface, as well as abrupt changes in flooring, poor lighting, or a hidden hazard, such as a gap or hard to see hole in the ground. To discuss your Slip & Fall Injuries with an experienced Premises Liability attorney, call us (1-866-789-1664) or click here to fill the online inquiry form, and receive the excellent service that you deserve.

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