Man Makes Living Suing Companies who Thrive on Spam

Daniel Balsam is among those who hate spam email and has retaliated against the junk mail in a rather different way.  Eight years ago, Balsam was working as a marketer and became enraged when he received endless spam emails that did nothing else than fill up his inbox.

Soon thereafter, Balsam launched a website called in response to the spam emails he kept receiving.  Along with this, he quit his job as a marketer, enrolled in law school, and is now successfully making a living suing companies who relentlessly send spam to his inbox marketing cheap drugs, free sex, and vacation packages.  Balsam filed many lawsuits even before graduating law school in 2008 against e-mail marketers who have allegedly violated anti-spamming laws.


He has settled over $1 million in court judgments and lawsuit settlements with the companies that had sent illegal spam and junk emails.  While in court, Balsam has been accused of exploiting anti-spam sentiments and laws, as well as filing lawsuits against companies who are located out of state that would rather pay a small settlement than come up with resources to fight legal battles.

Balsam claims that he mostly sues companies that violate California law regarding illegal spam, which prohibits companies from sending spam that is misleading to the recipient in any way or offers free products that are not in actuality free.  The law also claims that a recipient must be able to “opt out” of receiving any more spam from a sender if the recipient chooses.  Balsam currently has over 40 small claim victories as well as several others in higher courts against companies who allegedly sent misleading advertisement through email.

Overall, many lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Balsam and settlements received from small and large companies.  Balsam has had lawsuits filed against him although he claims they are companies who are retaliating against him for suing their company in the first place.  Balsam claims he is comfortable doing what he is doing and is not planning on going away any time soon.

Source: Paul Elias/Associated Press


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