Judge Gena Slaughter’s Reception

Honorable Judge Gena Slaughter is the presiding judge at 191st Judicial District Court in Dallas. Judge Slaughter was first elected in 2006, and since then she worked effortlessly in improving the backlog and case disposition problems from her fist two years on the bench. Judge Slaughter an SMU Law School graduate, has received strong marks for her judicial temperament in addition to having tremendous knowledge of the law, preparedness for trail, and timeliness of ruling opinions. Clients and attorneys deserve judges who are prepared and able to provide timely decisions, and the Honorable Judge exemplifies all these.


On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, the MAS Law Firm, Payma, Kuhnel & Smith Law Firm, and The Greater Dallas Iranian American Chamber of Commerce hosted a campaign reception for the Honorable Judge Gena Slaughter in her re-election campaign for the 191st Civil District Court, at the Double Tee by Hilton Hotel. Numerous other attorneys representing various other firms as well as many other individuals attended the event in order to retain the great qualities that the Honorable Judge has provided to the court system in the recent years.


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